Fundraising Letters to download:

Marketing Collateral

For Student Members

  • FRobotics Member Handbook (link here)
    (including workshop release, emergency contact info, and parent survey forms)
  • T-shirt Art (Coming Soon)   You can still get embroidered T-shirts by visiting Fancy Fox on Rte. 22.   They can embroider our logo on just about anything;  order directly through them.
  • Student Club Application (Coming Soon) is a Google Form where we find out all about you
  • You must turn in FRobotics Workshop PERMISSION and RELEASE form (link here) each season
  • Join the email list for General Membership
  • Join the Slack and Remind text messaging and discussion groups
  • Register with FIRST on their Student Team Information Management System
  • Emergency contact form (link here)

For Parents or Mentors:

  • Register your email with FIRST on their Student Team Information Management System You will have an online permission form to “sign” there
  • Join the email list
    for General Membership  or the email list for Mentors only or Parents  only.
  • All clubs require the student to pay the school district Student Activity Fee
  • Volunteer Clearance Forms and Instructions (Mentors and parent volunteers who wish to ride the bus as chaperones on field trip)
  • Consider getting involved as a booster (support our kids in all kinds of ways with food, transportation, cheerleading, fundraising, chaperoning) or a mentor (all business functions needed – not just technical engineering).

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